Love For Who They Are!

Have we ever been given a chance to make the choice of our parents? Have ever been given the right to choose our mother? Our father? Our family? Sisters and brothers? It is a selection of nature and God. But still we feel blessed that we are today because of them. Somehow, whether we had downtimes, still they were able to give us good times, make us happy, punish us when we were wrong, teach us and love us.

Bringing up your life in a family is the most precious gift that any person could ever have. Family is a relationship that will never let you feel alone, feel down and sorrow. It is a bond that comes with the blood and being together in the good times as well as bad times. But we should not forget that there are also set of kids in this world, who are looking out for a family to take care of them, make them happy, love them, and feed them.

Thinking a child as a commitment is the greatest mistake that we do intentionally or unintentionally. We cannot decide their future, their life style or whatsoever. They deserve a beautiful life. A life with protection, warmth and care.

Sometimes, some kids do not get this valuable opportunity to live in a setup where they need warmth, care and protection. These kids are really helpless. They feel like they have been punished for their birth. Such a negative thought which is totally heavy for a childhood mind.

Foster parents Victoria is a child care center based to rescue these lovely blooming buds and make sure that they will also get a good family with a good life style like other kids do.

Kinship care in SA is another child care based social institute formed to take care of the kids who does not have a guardian to look in to their protection, care, warmth and love.

Every kid deserves the right to be loved and to be taken care of. Without love and care can they spend their lives as lovely children? We don’t have the right and the chance to make choices as children to choose our family, children are helpless from birth. They require our support to build up their lives and stand on their own.

Personality will be molded from the living environment and atmosphere. If the kid does not get this right, can we ever expect them to grow up with a better personality to serve the country and society. Childhood needs these basic essences to shape their lives.